Q: You can not oppress the oppressors. You views are backed up by mainsteam media all the time. You have no right to be angry at marginalized groups who want a safe space to express their feelings towards oppression. You are not oppressed. Your upset that you are made to think that your actions are wrong.



>”can’t oppress the oppressors”

>”can’t be racist towards Whites”


But PoC in America and Europe are NOT oppressed! 


I just..

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Q: You are so incredibly fucking ignorant about Africa its ridiculous. You have obviously not seen *any* modern city (Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi and on and on and on) if you think that the continent is still that fucking backwards. The only reason it's as fucked up as it is is because of slavery and colonialism (ahem, white people). Ever heard of Mansa Musa? No? Great Zimbabwe? Ancient African civilisations were far more developed that their European counterparts you utter piece of shit. Fuck you


Oh, right!

Johannesburg, founded and for most of its history expanded and managed by Whites! Nairobi, the great city that the United Nations classified among the “most insecure” cities in the world for its abundance of crime and violence! Lagos, where the threat of crime is considered “critical”! Great!

And oh, those evil White people and colonization! A couple hundred years of White colonies, that was a real hindrance to the quick progress Africans were making! Never mind those thousands of years before that, when they were completely cut off from the rest of the world just like the Whites were. Never mind that in that time, Europeans, Asians, and South Americans founded great civilizations, progressed in science, technology, culture and education, while sub-Saharan Africans didn’t even manage to invent the wheel (brought by Europeans in the 19th century), let alone anything more complicated. I guess that was somehow the Whites’ fault as well.

Slavery bad! Only White people took slaves! Except, you know, for those blacks who enslaved other blacks throughout African history, and then even sold them to Whites, because that’s what people do.

So advanced and great.

Haha this whole response is inaccurate
White people and their bullshit

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